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We are a law firm with a experience of over 20 years which has developed over the years and develop and present on the Romanian market so dynamic consultancy services, legal assistance and representation, an innovative approach and rigorous oriented meeting each client expectations.

Olteanu and Associates team cooperates with more than 40 speciesºyou covering a wide range of services, consisting of lawyers with proven experience in legal assistance and representation in court and consultancy, working with notaries, translators, insolvency practitioners, bailiffs, judiciary technical experts, certified surveyors, experts accountants.

How our society represents the interests of customers operating in various markets and in the most diverse areas in the country and abroad, our team has experience in commercial law, civil, banking, financial, fiscal, labor, branches of law indispensable when talking about companies, associations and foundations, but also in property rightþintellectual, antitrustþei, willinglyþii internalþnational, pharmaceutical and public procurement.

The lawyers associates, clients, individuals and businesses, are assisted and represented before the criminal investigation bodies, prosecutor's offices courts, irrespective of their degree, and the courts in criminal proceedings.

The purposeit is to provide our customers with the best solutions according to their needs and expectations, which also guarantees their success. To achieve this goal, our team of lawyers is permanently connected to the latest legislative changes.

To convince you of the quality of legal services offered by our company, and to learn more about us and the services we offer, please contactþi.

  • Civil Law

    Această ramură a dreptului cuprinde majoritatea cauzelor cu care se confruntă zi de zi echipa noastră și putem afirma că indiferent de solicitarea dumneavoastră suntem în măsura să vă oferim o soluție legală și temeinică.
  • Criminal Law

    The lawyers associates, clients, individuals and businesses are assisted and represented before the criminal investigation bodies, prosecutor's offices courts, irrespective of their degree, and in court in criminal proceedings.
  • Corporate / Commercial

    Corporate / Commercial

    Whether you want to founded a company to change its statutes, to assign shares, or other similar operations within the team "Olteanu & Associates" we developed a specialized department that is available to solve any request in the field of
  • Administrative Law

    Administrative Law

    We are qualified to offer consulting services, legal advice, to assist you and represent you in cases of administrative law.
  • Taxation

    Taxation is an area of ​​interest for our clients face every day. From this perspective we have experience in solving legal problems of fiscal, from advice given in this field and to support and representation in judicial procedures to challenge acts special tax.
  • Insolvency and Bankruptcy

    The two procedures have in common collective nature, which leads to the conclusion that the conduct of both are invited to all known creditors of the debtor, unlike common law, in foreclosure, call for sufficiency only creditors who have started the procedure.
  • Real Estate

    Real Estate

    Whether you're a developer and you need legal consul for the whole project or just want to buy a property Your family and you want the opinion of a lawyer in connection with the validity of title, please contact us to arrange a date with
  • Employment

    We are continuously economic development and this is seen in labor relations that change especially in terms of legislation.
  • Procurement


    We had the opportunity to participate with our clients in various award procedures, offering our services to both the contracting authority and the bidder.,,ro,We have had the opportunity to join our clients in various award procedures, offering our services to both the contracting authority and the bidder.,,ro,As a result, we developed a branch of lawyers specializing in this field within the "OLTEANU & ASSOCIATIONS" team.,,ro
  • Family law

    Represents all the legal rules governing personal and property relations that spring from marriage, adoption and relationships assimilated by law in certain respects, with family relationships.
  • Pharmaceutical


    We currently have an important portfolio consists of manufacturers, importers, distributors and chain pharmacies that offer legal advice.
  • Intellectual property law

    Protecting copyright is an issue of great interest in daily activities of companies and individuals with creative activity is therefore very important that these rights are protected.
  • International law

    International law

Legal Opinions
  • Obligațiile angajatorului în caz de temperaturi extreme

    Obligațiile angajatorului în caz de temperaturi extreme

    Legislație relevantă: OUG nr. 99 din 29 iunie 2000 privind măsurile ce pot fi aplicate în perioadele cu temperaturi extreme pentru protectia persoanelor încadrate în munca; Normelor Metodologice din 6 iulie 2000 de aplicare a OU nr. 99/2000; Legea nr. 319 din 14 iulie 2006 securităţii si sănătăţii în muncă; Norme Metodologice din 11 octombrie […]