About us

Despre noi

The Civil Society Advocacy "Olteanu & Associates" was founded in 2001 by transforming a consulting company appeared in 1991. The experience, dedication and respect for customers helped us to reach today a strong team of lawyers whose expertise and professionalism are at your disposal

We provide representation at all levels of jurisdiction in Romania, from the court to the High Court of Cassation and Justice. Whatever the cause that you, our team will treated with the same degree of professionalism and accountability, providing solutions built specifically for your facility and to fulfill the intended purpose.

Over the years we have solved problems in different areas of law, so that we are able to offer advice, assistance and representation in all situations involving the law.

Our team is recognized for accountability, availability, efficiency, flexibility and last but not least the diligence to each project. The team's reputation comes from the consistency with which we transform into reality promises and delegated projects.

We comply strictly with the professional secrecyl, the fundamental premise of ethics. Client-lawyer relationship is governed by the principle of confidentiality, regarded as a proof of morality on the information arising from the professional relationship. For over two decades we have by our side clients with whom we have developed a strong relationship based on mutual respect, which is why we consider ourselves an ideal partner for any company.

The principles guiding our work are reliability, confidentiality, professionalism and promptness.

To strengthen these attributes, in early 2004 we became the first law firm that has implemented quality management system ISO 9001/2001 with the prestigious company profile TÜV Germany.