About us

„Olteanu & Partners” Law Firm was incorporated in the year 2001, by transitioning from a consultancy company existing since 1991.

Our experience, devotion and respect towards our clients have helped us become the strong team we are today, team including lawyers whose expertise and professionalism are at your disposal.

We offer representation services in front of all courts in Romania, from local courts up to the Supreme Court of Justice. Regardless of your case, our team will treat it with the same degree of professionalism and responsibility, offering solutions customized especially for you are for achieving your purpose.

Over the years we have settled cases from different branches of the law, thus we are competent to offer consultancy, assistance and representation in all cases that involve a law domain.

Our team is recognized for its’ responsibility, availability, efficiency, flexibility and last but not least, the diligence we show in each project. Our team’s reputation comes from the consistency in which we transformed all promises and delegated projects in reality.


We strictly respect the professional secret, as a fundamental ethical premise. The client-attorney relation is governed by the confidentiality principle, being seen as a proof of morality in respect to the information arising from the professional bond. For over two decades we have been there for our clients and we developed a relation based on mutual respect with each and every one of them and, therefore, we consider ourselves an ideal partner for any company.


The principles that guide our activity are, among others, seriousness, confidentiality, professionalism and promptness.

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Civil law

This branch of law covers most of the cases that our team faces every day. Regardless of the request, we are able to offer a legal solution.

Criminal law

Consultancy services, legal opinions, representation and assistance in front of the criminal pursuit bodies and courts of law of any degree.

Company and commercial law

We offer legal consultancy from the beginning of your activity and we help you transform a simple idea in a successful business. We stand beside you from the incorporation of your company, throughout its’ lifetime, working together towards a common goal – carrying out a legit activity that creates profit.

Tender procedures

The tender procedure domain is a complex domain whose rules are always changing and adapting to the market conditions. The more and more strict requirements of the contracting authorities, the short deadlines for responses and complaints and the tough sanctions applicable in this procedure are only a few of the essential elements you must have in mind when sending a bid.

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