Areas of expertise

Civil law

Civil law, the main law branch, covers a large range of legal situations we deal with every day. Civil law is about people, the way they interact and day to day life. We are qualified to offer you consultancy in this domain, to counsel you in mediation procedures, negotiations and transactions and also to assist and represent you in cases in front of courts of law, when amicable settlement is not possible.

Criminal law
Consultancy services, legal opinions, representation and assistance in front of the criminal pursuit bodies and courts of law of any degree.
Company and commercial law
We offer legal consultancy from the beginning of your activity and we help you transform a simple idea in a successful business. We stand beside you from the incorporation of your company, throughout its’ lifetime, working together towards a common goal – carrying out a legit activity that creates profit.
Tender procedure
The tender procedure domain is a complex domain whose rules are always changing and adapting to the market conditions. The more and more strict requirements of the contracting authorities, the short deadlines for responses and complaints and the tough sanctions applicable in this procedure are only a few of the essential elements you must have in mind when sending a bid.
Administrative law
We are qualified to offer consultancy services, legal opinions and to assist or represent you in cases of administrative law.
Fiscal law
Settling fiscal legal issues, starting from consultancy in this domain up to assistance and representation in special legal procedure to contest fiscal documents.
Insolvency and bankruptcy
Two joint procedures, which means that all the known debtor’s creditors are invited to participate. The even character of the procedure does not mean that the receivables obtained from the sale of the debtor’s assets are distributed equally between the creditors, but that the creditors benefit from the same legal means in this procedure.
Real estate law
Legal consultancy for developing real estate procedures to the simple purchase of an immovable.
Labor law
The continuous economic development is also seen in the labor relations, changing especially normative elements, so we always offer guidance according to current and updated legislative changes.
Family law
Regulation of personal and patrimonial relations arising from marriage, adoption and relations assimilated by law, under certain aspects, with family relations.
Pharmaceutical field
Legal advisory services for a large portfolio of manufacturers, importers, distributors and pharmacy chains.
Intellectual property law
Copyright protection is a topical issue in the daily work of companies, as well as individuals with creative activity.
Areas of activity

The client portfolio covering many areas of activity

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